Online Payments

If you are a Malawian living in diaspora involved in a building project at home but you’re not sure how best to directly procure our high quality products and services such as Trellidors and Aluminium windows and doors using credit cards,  the good news is that soon all this will be history.

Capital Glass Malawi Ltd will be launching an online facility where existing and potential customers can simply process payments in the comfort of their homes, without risking to send the money to their friends and relatives in Malawi.

From time to time, Capital Glass Malawi Ltd undertakes market research and gather data on customers and potential customers’ needs to aid our business decision making. It is through this process that we have come realize that there are a number of Malawians living abroad who have had to endure the ordeals of having their money meant for building projects being abused or, in some instances, even stolen, by friends and relatives in Malawi.

In addition, by the time the money reaches Malawi, it loses value, thereby making it more expensive to send money through bank transfers, Western Union or Money-gram.

In response to our valued customers’ needs, our Digital Media consultant in Botswana is working on putting in place an online system that will enable them process payments within minutes on our website (currently under design) and avoid the aforementioned risks. Once payment is processed, an online receipt will be generated and the items purchased will be delivered (or collected) within 48 hours to a person designated by the said purchaser upon production of a valid ID.

However, the purchaser will have to be in touch with our Sales Department to confirm availability of the items to be purchased – or if not available, to place an advance order.

Capital Glass Malawi Ltd prides itself in not only being First Class. We’re happy to be the First innovators in the Malawi Industry!

Keep checking this website for further updates. Watch this space!